Bali Flag/Feather Flag

Product Specifications

Bali/Feather Flags are perfect for quickly, and effectively catching the attention of your customers.

Our Bali/Feather Flags are our most popular flag choice. Printed using the highest quality ink and only using premium fabrics, ensures that all our flags are durable and make a vibrant and cost effective signage solution. Pricing starts from $195 + GST.

Quick Facts:

  • Australian made in our Melbourne facility
  • Available in double sided and single sided printing
  • Comes complete with a carry bag, stand, and base
  • Suitable for all events and you have the base options of a 4kg universal base with water doughnut, turf spike or other more permanent fixings
  • Fast turn-around

Our Bali/Feather Flags are available in the following sizes:

  • 4.7m (image is 800mm wide x 4200mm high)
  • 3.5m (image is 700mm wide x 3000mm high)
  • 2.4m (image is 650mm wide x 2000mm high)

Left flag: Single Sided, printed on Trilobel material.
Right flag: Double Sided, printed on Silverback material.